Why choose Honeymoon Trip for Mauritius Tour?

We are a certified travel agency offers you customized Mauritius honeymoon packages that suit your needs. Our experienced staffs that are specialized in the culture and local customs offer you 24 hour service. We work with you to plan a tour that matches your interests and budget.

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We have offices in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Nepal. We know your concerns very well and welcome our travelers to our office in order to plan their journey together.

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Our team personally takes care of details about hotel, cruise and tour guide to make sure that they match your standards. At Honeymoon Trip, we assure that your trip will be unforgettable.

Custom Mauritius travel packages

We work as per your requirement and offer you the best tour Mauritius honeymoon packages. Your package is designed, based on your timeline and to match the experience that you are thinking about.

Special Treatment

Our business is based on exquisite personal service, professional touch to detail and customizing our services to match your needs. Our mission is to serve you the highest quality, best money value and outstanding service every time.