Romantic Tour to Kottakkal in Kerala – A Hot Spot for Honeymoon Couples

Counted among the most preferred tourist spots in Kerala, Kottakkal, which was previously called ‘Shweta Durgam’ (the white fort), is lovingly referred to as the ‘Heart of Ayurveda’. The detail of this charming spot is following: 


Literally ‘Land of the Fort’, Kottakkal, which is situated in the Malappuram district in the southern Indian state of Kerala at a distance of 12 km southwest of Malappuram, and at a distance of 12 km from the Tirur Railway Station, is regarded as one of the most visited tourist spots in Kerala. Famous for its Ayurvedic Institute, namely Arya Vaidya Sala, this tourist spot is also popular for its temple festival, namely Kottakkal Pooram, held more than 7 days during the months between March and April.

Kottakkal is home to the Arya Vaidya Sala, famously called ‘Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala’. The Arya Vaidy Sala is a famous healthcare center of Kottakkal. It is notable that Kottakkal is enriched with its heritage. This spot is home to several experts of Indian traditional medicine system of Ayurveda.

 Herbal Gardens in Kottakkal

Here, you can find four herbal gardens, which are maintained by the group of AVS (Arya Vaidya Sala). Two of the herb gardens, which together cover the total region of more than 200 acres, can be explored at Mannarkkad, close to Palakkad and Thrikkakkara, in Ernakulam. Two more demonstration gardens of the lesser areas at Kottakkal together cover the total region of 220 acres. The AVS factories get 44 varieties of herbs from the herb gardens to prepare the high quality Ayurvedic medicines by using them. To develop these herb gardens, the research center of Canada is also collaborating on one of the projects of AVS, namely the Medicinal Plants (India) Project.

These herbal gardens played a main role for Kottakkal to gain the nickname ‘Heart of Ayurveda’. By visiting these wonderful gardens, you can get the complete knowledge about the rare and beneficial medicinal plants, used for making several Ayurvedic medicines, very helpful for patients to get rid of a number of chronic diseases.

Along with all these things, you can also get the chance of visiting the  ancient temples in this tourist spot to get holy feelings.

 Charming Place around Kottakkal

By going 4 km far from Kottakkal, you would reach Cherukunnu, a small town famous for its panoramic charm. In this town, you would visit the Annapoorneshwari Temple. Cherukunnu is the charming place, which completes the enjoyment of the tour of Kottakkal.

In this way, it can be justly said that Kottakal is perfect for taking the fine experience of the magic of Ayurveda. In case of being willing to explore this charming spot, you can book Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai. Being affordable to the budget for all types of people, all of these holiday packages, which are available at ARV Holidays, one of the leading tour and travel operators of India, can also be customized as per the desire of the clients.

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