Experience the cuisine of Kashmir

Planning for going somewhere to celebrate your luxurious honeymoon along with your loved one? If so, Kashmir is just for you. Fondly known as the ‘Heaven on Earth’, the Kashmir Valley, which is situated in the northern most part of India, is counted among the most visited honeymoon destinations of India. All the year round, several honeymoon couples, vacationers and backpackers from all parts of India as well as the world throng to this summer destination. Kashmir Holiday Packages with Great Offers are particularly tailor made to provide the people the opportunity of celebrating the honeymoon in an easy way. 


Cuisine of Kashmir

The Kashmir cuisine, which is based on the ancient traditions of Kashmir, is also relished among the Kashmiri diaspora in Bangladesh (members of the Dhaka Nawab Family) and Pakistan. Mutton is the most famous ingredient in the Kashmir cuisine of now a days. More than 30 varieties are made of this ingredient.

Some famous Kashmiri dishes comprise the dishes, namely Qabargaah (usually called ‘Tabakhmaaz’), Gogji Raazma, Dum Olav, Goshtaba, Modur  Pulaav, Mujh Gaad, Monji Haak/Gogji Haak, Matschgand, Nadir Yakhin, Qeleeya, Shaem, Rogan Josh, Tsarvan, Syun Pulaav, Tschok Wangan, and Yakhni.

Matschgand is prepared of the meatballs of a lamb in a gravy tempered with red chilies, while Mujh Gaad is a dish of radishes with an option of fish. If you want to get the similarity of the taste of Goshotaba, you can take the option of Shaem. Qeleeya is the delicate dish, which is made of lamb cooked in a milk based gravy incorporating turmeric and bay leaves. Syun Pulaav is a meat Pulao. Rogan Josh is the dish, which is made of a lamb, cooked in a gravy seasoned with an ideal amount of the chilies of Kashmir (in the form of a dry powder), ginger (also in the form of powder), bay leaves and asafetida are as the other ingredients. Because of the unavailability of onions, yoghurt is used as a thickener, and it is also blended to diminish the heat and mix the spices in the gravy. By using lamb meat in the cuisine of Kashmir, this dish is the most usually cooked dishes in this region.

If you get the chance of relishing  a Wazwan, you would find that it is a multi course meal in the tradition of the Kashmiri Muslims and it is treated with great esteem.          


On the basis of the things mentioned above, it can be surely said that Kashmir is counted among the most visited honeymoon destinations of India. In case of being desirous to go this summer destination to enjoy the honeymoon along with your life partner, you can Kashmir Honeymoon Packages from Bangalore. All these tour packages, which are available at ARV Holidays, one of the leading tour and travel operators of India, can also be customized according to the demand of the clients. So, if you are firmly desired to experience the culture and cuisine of this summer destination, get immediately ready to escape to this heavenly destination.

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