Dubai a home of delicious cuisines

Being a wonderful travel destination in the world, Dubai is also a paradise for food lovers. Restaurants spread around the awe-inspiring structures and marvelous landmarks, offers you a variety of lip-smacking dishes to taste during your Dubai trip. Whether you are looking for an Indian, Italian, Spanish, Sri Lankan or other city’s food, Dubai has everything to serve. If Dubai is your favorite destination and food is your weakness, then must book Dubai tour packages from Mumbai and enjoy. Here I have included some delicious dishes of Dubai –

Mutton achar handi, Dhs22 at Ravi Restaurant

A perfect example of Dubai’s heart-whole embrace of expat culture, so do not expect a patterned down takeaway curry from this place canteen. Ravi’s mutton achar handi is a full-blooded Pakistani plate. The combination of spices and fresh inexperienced chili pepper can leave you each catching your breath and heading back for a second serve.

Pan-seared scallops, Dhs95, Traiteur at Park Hyatt Dubai

Daintily obtainable in pink flushed clam shells, Traiteur’s typically qualified French chefs have nailed the ideal scallop – caramelised and slightly crisp on the surface, plump and juicy on the inside. Those in the know can book sure Traiteur’s fine feeding weekday brunch that sees a free flow of those beauties dropped at your table as quickly as you’ll gobble them up.

Milk and honey at Qbara        


Those lucky enough to score a reservation at the contemporary Lebanese eating place will support their meal with the signature Milk & Honey afters. On paper it’s a simplistic arrangement – Greek yoghourt and sumac panna cotta with a aspect of honey and saffron pashmak – however once plated, it becomes a towering treat, the panna cotta both tart and soft, with a crown of dense Turkish pashmak adorning the after glass.

Rice cheong fun, Dhs28 at Homey

Away from the flash of the neighboring dock, this teeny province eatery still manages to draw crowds for its authentic Chinese menu. One of the foremost reasons this inconspicuous joint has persevered against the Americanized Chinese food that dots Dubai’s popular destination? The cheong amusing, strongly covered rolls made with rice flour and tinted a vivid red. This addictive starter makes for a crisp bite, with the plump and flavorful prawns tucked within.

Pink diamond oysters, Dhs34, BICE

Our waiter tells us that diners usually wrap the cleaned-out shells of BICE’s oyster entree to take home as a reminder of the meal. No wonder – with their pink tinge, the beautiful shells square measure exclusive to the eating house. They’re not simply a fairly face, either, with each shell holding the plumpest oysters this facet of the Gulf.

Shaksouka, Dhs59, Omnia Gourmet

Sure, there’s a ton to love regarding celebrity cook Silvena Rowe’s latest project, like the prime ocean-front location and the cake corner loaded with rows of raw and vegan desserts, but its Rowe’s egg shaksouka that keeps the epicurean crowd returning back. Sweet tomatoes and peppers, perfectly stewed eggs, with a kick of chili and creamy feta mingle in a terracotta pot for a dish that is simply mendicancy to be tackled with slices of oven-warm sourdough.

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As we know Dubai is a fast growing city especially in travel and tourism, travelers across the world travel the city to experience a great time while exploring its beauty and charms. Dubai tour packages from Mumbai is a customized tour package brings you lots of things to see and do.


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