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Top 10 Ways to Help You Propose a Girl on Valentine’s Day 2016

Being the day of love, Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on the 14th of February every year, provides romantic couples the chance of proposing each other and get closer to them. On the soon coming occasion, you require to prepare some best methods for the proposal of your beloved. But make undoubted that the girl is prepared before putting a gear to your bond of love relation. Spending quality time with her will surely make her prepared to change your relationship into a stronger as well as more meaningful status. So, we have enlisted the top 10 best ways to propose a girl on the Valentine’s Day 2016.

01. Be yourself

On the Valentine’s Day 2016, if you are considering for proposing a girl, this is the first thing that you require to get into your mind. Instead of overdoing your proposal, keep it simple yet particular as well as sweet. You should be creative and be yourself. To get a guy proposing her is the dream of every girl. In your extraordinary way, you should say three golden and magical words, “I Love You”.

02. Propose the Girl by a Letter

In spite of being an old method to propose a girl on the Valentine’s Day, proposing the girl by letter is going on to be expressed the love feelings to their sweetheart, which is called ‘Love Letter’ to get success. You can also check this method and it is possible that it can be fruitful to you. But you should make certain that your Love Letter should contain effective words which raise your love towards the girl you made proposal to.

03. Propose with Red Rose

You can propose your loving girlfriend with fresh red rose and tempting chocolates if you are a schoolboy or a college student. By this method, you will get excellent results without bearing any heavy expense.

04. Plan a Romantic Date

On this Valentine’s Day, to plan a romantic date just for two only is another secure way to propose a girl. The particular date must include nice exotic food, a gift, dance as well as romantic music. Without any chance of negativity, the combined influence of these things will spellbind your sweet girlfriend.

05. Propose the Girl by a Ring

During the Valentine’s Day 2016, this is a nice & the filmy way to propose a girl. This method of love proposal succeeds at any rate. Everybody knows this thing that a ring or jewelry is the weakness of girls so there are very few possibilities to get the response of the girls in negative. Just bend on your knees and make a proposal to her to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

06. Place where you met each other for the first time

On Valentine’s Day, you should take your loving girlfriend to the place where you met each other for the first time. Repeat the moment of the first time and then get prepared to propose her. This method will undoubtedly bring excellent results and get marked on her memory for all her life long. And you can also speak some lines to propose her. Thus, it is one of the most romantic methods to propose a girl on the Valentine’s Day 2016.

07. Propose her in front of the people

In spite of requiring some confidence, to propose a girl in the crowd brings excellent results. To surprise your sweet girlfriend by proposing her in front of the people will undoubtedly be fruitful. You can use this way to propose your loving girlfriend with a charming teddy bear or a bouquet because girls particularly love surprises.

08. Propose her with a Heart Balloon

Purchase a balloon with its shape of heart with text such as ‘I want to marry you’, ‘Do you love me’ or any other words. You should take your sweet girlfriend to a close park or place, where you daily meet up and bend on your knees as well as show your particular balloon to her.

09. Picnic in the Park

On Valentine’s Day, to propose a girl, whom you are in love with, is an ordinary but loving way. Choose an alone and romantic place to express your feelings to your beloved without any hesitation. Several people have applied this way and succeeded.

10. Proposal during a Movie Break

Being very ordinary and romantic method to propose a girl on this Valentine’s Day, it has been applied several times and checked along with it comes fruitful really. You should take your loving girlfriend to display a romantic movie and during the interval express her to your feelings of love. This way will come to prove unforgettable and nice response.


On the basis of the methods mentioned above, it can be said that by trying any of the ways, you can be successful to propose your loving girlfriend.