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The Love Songs Which Will Grow Your Romance on Valentine’s Day 2016

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Are you looking for some romantic love songs for the coming Valentine’s Day to be suitable to your beloved? If so, there are the following top 10 romantic love songs for Valentine’s Day 2016.

01. Come Away with Me (Valentine Song)

Coming with easy listening jazz music and believed as one of the finest passionate love songs suitable to be used for this Valentine’s Day, this is one of the most romantic love songs for Valentine’s Day composed by Norah Jones, much praised in the world for her pop and jazz song.

02. Crash into Me (Valentine Song)

This romantic song, which has been composed by Dave Matthews Band, is the imprecise lyric that is suitable to make every listener feel happy while listening to this music. A Lover can attract his beloved with this amazing song, having yawning implication for all listeners in this Valentine’s Day.

03. Teenage Dream (Valentine Song)

Being very popular among a lot of people now-a-days, this modern love song, which has been composed by Katy Perry, has some amazing experience of love sensitivity. Because of having a strong lyric as well as attractive tone, this romantic song is memorable for romantic couples as the teenager’s voice of Katy Perry is capable of making this song drawing the attention of its listeners.

04. The First Time I Saw Your Face (Valentine Song)

Being an old romantic song composed by Roberta Flack, this love song, which got much popularity in 1972 AD, may make each person believe in the love at first glimpse. The fascinating voice of Robert Flack can really provide this song’s popularity. Now-a-day, this song is still being listened by a lot of people.

05. You are the First, the Last, My Everything (Valentine Song)

Having a lot of followers now-a-days, this is another suggested romantic song for the coming Valentine’s Day. The lead singer of this song, Barry White has strong voice as well as character. This superb song, which has the stability of initiating of a lot of positive feelings to praise their beloved.

06. Truly Madly Deeply (Valentine Song)

This love song, which was composed by the duo ‘Savage Garden’, gained much popularity in 1997 AD. Having most romantic lyrics as well as easy listening rhythms, it is a romantic classic song that has the capability of increasing the memory of all people listening to this song.

07. My Love (Valentine Song) )

This song, which was composed by Paul McCartney as well as Wings in 1973 AD, is an amazing love song that can be listened for one’s beloved. This song, which had an abundance of praises special to it at that time, is still loved to be heard by a lot of people now-a-days. Thus, it is another suggested romantic song for Valentine’s Day 2016.

08. I’ll Make Love to You (Valentine Song) )

Being an amazing song from boys to men, this romantic lyric, that has the expression of the magical night among the loving couple, is one of the best impractical romantic songs composed by the Philadelphia band. This romantic song is suggested by a lot of people for the Valentine’s Day 2016.

09. Crazy in Love (Valentine Song) )

Now-a-days, this song has gained much fame among loving people. This high quality passionate song has been produced by the experts named Beyonce and Jay-Z. The passionate and happy tune featuring rap song from Jay-Z is a major combination with its capability of making an attractive romantic song.

10. Tonight, I Celebrate My Love (Valentine Song) )

Produced on the album from this duet, it is an amazing song from Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack. Having the slow music as well as tone, this passionate and romantic song can be used by lovers for dancing along with their sweetheart.