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Follow these tips to look hot on your honeymoon :

follow-these tipsto lookhot on your honeymoon tour

A honeymoon is one of the most awaited times in a newly-married couples life after the wedding function. It is the time to know your better half. Honeymoon is the only time when you get to know your partner and spend some great memories with each other. And, who doesn’t wish to look at their best during their honeymoon season, especially the ladies. So, follow these awesome tips for your honeymoon and look perfectly hot on your special vacation :

Tone it up

Being into a perfect shape is one of the most important things for every bride. So, follow a strict diet plan and make sure to shed all that extra weight you have put own. A prefect diet with some exercise will surely help you regain your perfect curve. And, when your man sees you into that perfect dress during the candle light dinner, believe you will realize that it was worth the effort.

Wear a minimal look

Another important tip to look really great during your honeymoon is to opt for minimal makeup. So, don’t try up every beauty product from your bag and rather go for a subtle look. Just a bit of gloss, eyeliner and lipstick would do the work.

Dress to kill

Being on your honeymoon it doesn’t mean that you need to wear skimpiest outfits to woo your partner. Wear something that you are comfortable in and that adds up some glam to your look. From great dresses gowns or even a sari you can go for anything to get that killer look. You can also accessorize your look with some nice neck piece to complete your look.

Pamper your skin

Since your honeymoon is the most important part of your life, you surely need to be at your best during this time. And, by looking at your best, we don’t only mean that perfect dress, but also that glow on your face. Take proper care and protect yourself from the harmful sun rays, so always apply a sunscreen while going out. Also make sure to wash off your make up before going to bed and use a good moisturizer.

Carry a surprise element

Do you wish to add some zing to your special getaway? Well! If so, then make sure to carry some risqué clothes or lingerie, which you can wear in the confines of your suite. So, add up some oomph to your honeymoon with your enticing looks.

So, make your honeymoon more special with these tips and make it a lifetime memory. Check-out some great honeymoon packages online at